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Welcome to the J-P Lazy Goat Ranch (J-P LGR) located in West Point, Iowa. 


J-P Lazy Goat Ranch is owned and operated by Jerry & Pam Madden.  We are located in southeast Iowa.  The location couldn’t be better when it comes to selling or purchasing goats in the Midwest.  The Iowa, Illinois and Missouri state lines are all within a 30 minute drive.  So if you happen to be in the “neighborhood” stop in for a visit and we’ll talk “GOAT”.  Please call for directions and to schedule a visit.


We started our commercial goat herd operation in 2007; we have approximately 80 crossbred Savannas, Kikos and Boer percentage does and bucks.  Our goat herd is primarily a commercial meat goat operation.  As a commercial meat goat producer/breeder, I do not feel a registered animal is any better than a non-registered animal; what I look for in a buck or doe is mass, length of loin, chest width, and thickness of body trunk! 


Our goats are working goats and are not pampered.  The last several years we’ve culled ruthlessly!!  If goats have problems with worms, kidding issues, constant hoof problems or deformed teats etc. etc. they go to market.  The goats we have left are extremely tough.  I will not sell a potential buyer a goat that I wouldn’t keep for ourselves.   


We decided on Savanna and Kiko does because of their extreme hardiness, parasite resistance, limited need for hoof trimming, kidding ability in harsh climates, and ability to survive with minimal human intervention; basically letting goats be goats.   As an example, in January 2008, one of our Kiko does had twins in a snow bank when it was 0 degrees with 50 mph wind gusts  and a wind chill around -40 degrees.  My daughters moved the doe and her twins into the barn and they survived – it shows how hardy and tough these goats really are.  Kikos are not known for their beauty and won’t win many beauty contests, but if you want a goat than can be a solid meat goat then Kikos should be considered.  Kikos are not as well known as the Boer goats, I feel with time Kikos will be as well known as the Boers and are a worthwhile goat to use in the commercial meat goat industry. 


Savanna goats are even less known than Kikos, but with time their popularity and recognition will become as well known as the Boers due to their size and breeding vigor.  We chose a Savanna buck for their very aggressive year round breeding characteristics, their massive size which is equal to a Boer and low maintenance, parasite tolerance - (very similar to a Kiko goat) and produce very fast growing kids with lots of vigor. 


The remaining Boer goats have withstood the culling standards we use and are not treated any differently than the Savannas or Kikos.  So they are just as healthy and tough as the rest of our herd.


I’m wanting the “hybrid-vigor” of all three goat breed characteristics - a large framed meaty goat with minimal need for hoof trimming, minimal worming and year round breeders.  -  -  the best of all three goat breeds - Savannas, Kikos & Boers!! 


Our long term goal with our commercial meat goat herd operation is to produce a 50% Savanna x 25% Boer X 25% Kiko goat.  These goats should be a large framed animal with a “lot of meat goat on the hoof”, with a strong parasite resistance/tolerance and be a very hardy & tough goat.  With the primary intent to sell the kids to the local slaughter facility or sell quality offspring to buyers who are wanting to start their own commercial herds. 


Business Policies & Comments:


I will not sell you a goat - just to sell a goat!!

  All goats will be current on their wormings, CD&T and hoof trimmings.


If purchasing a kid goat prior to weaning, a

50% cash down payment is required!!


If the goat dies or becomes ill prior to you picking up your goat;

I will either return your deposit or you may choose another kid goat.


Jerry or Pam Madden

2401 218th Street

West Point, Iowa  52656

Cell:  319-759-0736

Email Jerry:  jpmadden86@hotmail.com

To contact us:

Jerry completed the Langston University Goat Extension course in 2009.

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